• What are your skate sizes?

    Skates are available from child size 7 (European size 23), up to an adult size 15.

  • Is there a minimum age to skate?

    Unless you have booked a Tiny Tuesdays session, where there is no minimum age restriction, the minimum age allowed on the ice is four years of age and children aged under 8 have to be accompanied by an adult.  Those aged between 8 and 12 can skate without an adult on the ice, but this is dependant on their skating ability. We advise parents to use their discretion on whether very young children will enjoy the experience. There are no refunds given if you or your child do not enjoy the skating experience.

  • Baby Changing & Breastfeeding

    We have a dedicated baby changing area, and breastfeeding area, although nursing mothers can of course nurse anywhere they feel comfortable on our site.